Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Eight Months, Lucas!

Happy eight months, Lucas!

I'm a little weepy writing this, knowing that another month has flown by and you are growing up so fast.

You no longer are my itty-bitty baby. Several people lately have commented that you look much older than your actual age. You are a big guy! I can't wait to learn your height and weight at your nine-month checkup in early January. I think you're a little over 20 pounds now, and almost 30 inches tall! (Oh, and you're ridiculously cute, too, but of course I think that.)

Lucas LOVES eating! (Click the image to watch.)
You really pack away the food. Daycare asked us to bring a third meal for you, because your appetite is so gigantic. You're up to four five-ounce bottles at daycare, I nurse you three times a day (and full time on the weekends), and you eat about eight ounces of solid food. You get so excited when you see us coming with a bowl and spoon — you squirm in your chair, kick your legs and shout at us to hurry up! And I think you're mainlining it into those long legs, because it certainly isn't going into your belly. Your legs are so long that any pants with adequate length are absolutely huge in the waist. I have yet to find a baby belt, but you desperately are in need of one! You obviously take after your tall daddy, not your short mommy.

We spent your first Thanksgiving visiting grandpa and nana Smith. You sat at the table in your highchair and let mommy and daddy have a nice meal while you munched on your puffs and entertained everyone with shouts and giggles. I can remember just a few months ago when we never thought we'd enjoy another calm meal again, and it's remarkable to see how much things have changed since then. I'm sure mealtime will get wild again once you get a little older, but for now, things are just about perfect. I never have felt as grateful and surrounded by love as I did this Thanksgiving. My life is so rich, and looking at you, daddy, and the rest of our family had me feeling incredibly blessed.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went with grandpa and farmor Omdal to find a Christmas tree at a u-cut farm in Stanwood, Wash. I carried you in a front pack, and you were so happy walking through the woods. You had a huge smile on your face and squealed with delight when we let you touch the trees. Our decorated tree seems to be the best thing you've ever seen. You light up with wonder and awe whenever we hold you up to it and let you grab an ornament or branch.

You're very eager to crawl, but haven't quite figured it out yet. We've seen you get up on your knees a few times, only to immediately crash back to the floor and kick your legs vigorously in frustration. Most of the other babies at school crawl around you, and sometimes steal your binky and toys. Your teacher tells us you don't like this very much, so hopefully you'll be able to hang with the mobile kids soon. On second thought, since we've done absolutely no child proofing, perhaps you can hold off on moving around for a little while longer!

This past Sunday was a little crazy. We stopped by the flu clinic at your pediatrician's office and got your booster shot. You didn't even cry — it was pretty remarkable and the nurse thought you were awesome. (She no doubt tells all parents their babies are awesome. I ate it up, nonetheless.) But by that night, your nose was running and your second cold was in full swing. Ah, the endless mommy guilt of having you in daycare and exposed to every cold virus known to man. You were full-blown screaming by early evening, which really is unlike you, and we realized that you also had cut your third tooth (one of your lower lateral incisors). Shots, buckets of snot, and a new tooth. It was the golden cranky-baby trifecta. Part of me expected a large trophy to materialize, congratulating us on having this all happen at once.

Within an hour, daddy and I threw our entire parenting arsenal at you: milk, food, ibuprofen, a clean diaper, a bath, and the incredibly disgusting, yet tremendously effective Nosefrida(which you recognize now, and immediately sets off a complete meltdown). It semi-worked, but you've continued to be stuffy all week and have a yucky-sounding cough in the evenings, particularly when you lie down at night. Your eye was really watery yesterday when I picked you up from daycare, and I had a sick feeling that we could be in for our first case of pink eye. It looked much better when you woke up, but has gone back downhill today, so daddy is taking you to the doctor in the morning.

You need to get better soon, because daddy and I can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas. You are such a blessing to us, baby boy. My cup truly runneth over.

I love you,


Missy said...

What a love. I'm so glad I got some Lucas smiles last week. Melts my heart. :)

Emily said...

I also think you're ridiculously cute, Lucas! Love your updates Hillary and love getting Lucas snuggles - I've fallen very hard!

Jamie said...

I've been lax about reading blogs the past few months, but I really enjoyed catching up with this one. I love the video clip and Liam has been fascinated with babies lately. He liked Lucas' squirms and squeals.