Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Two Months, Lucas!

Our Little Boo Boo (I should start calling you Lucas, but "Boo Boo" really has stuck. Even daddy uses it.),

Today you turn two months old. It seems like I just was writing your first month's letter and here we are, four weeks later ... I'm going to blink, and you and I will be dancing at your wedding. Before I get too ahead of myself, though, I'm trying to soak up every moment of your infancy. Everyone says it goes fast, but until you're really living it, it's impossible to truly understand. I feel like I just found out that you were growing in my belly! So if you can, Boo, slow it down. You're just too cute and sweet right now, and I want to keep you as my tiny baby for a little longer!

We hit some big milestones this month with your first real smiles, giggles, coos, and insanely high-pitched squeals of elation (I hope). Nothing makes you happier than the light-up musical star on your Baby Einstein activity mat. Not even daddy, and he makes you smile A LOT. Daddy loves to hold you out in front of him and "twirl" in your bedroom. I'm afraid that one of these days you're going to get very dizzy and puke everywhere, but so far we're in the clear. And you seem to really get a kick of out of it, so who am I to quash your fun? I'll save that card until you're a teenager. We give you time on the mat each day and never get tired of watching you smile and laugh at that silly star.

You sleep a continuous seven to eight hours each night (knock, knock, knock on wood). When I tell this to other parents with infants, they look at me like either a) I'm a liar, or b) they're going to kill me with the invisible daggers shooting from their eyes. You are such an easy baby that sometimes I just sit around waiting for our entire world to crumble, for you to stop sleeping, and for everything to go horribly awry. I should just relax and take more time to enjoy it, but on most days, life with a baby like you really does seem too good to be true. You sometimes fuss at naptime — we're still working on that one a bit — but if you keep sleeping so well at night, I don't really mind.

You give us absolutely NO time to meet your needs before going into full meltdown mode. Whenever you wake up, you immediately start screaming bloody murder for food. I cannot possibly get you to the boob fast enough. You also are doing a great job at keeping your butt clean. I don't know if this is normal, but daddy and I rarely change a poopy diaper. You start fussing and have a very particular cry when you want to be changed. Your diaper always is wet, but you have a magical knack of waiting until we unfasten it to poop. And poop. And poop. Yesterday, you shot a "power poop" clear off the changing table and it splattered all over the carpet. I had no idea little babies could do this sort of thing, but you're very, very good at it. It's disgusting and I wish you would stop.

You HATE tummy time. Dr. Howson, your pediatrician, wants you to spend 20 to 30 minutes each day on your tummy, to relieve pressure on the back of your head, and to build your muscles. I know it's important and try to incorporate it throughout the day. It's really hard for me to take your screaming, though. I feel like I'm completely torturing you, so we only manage to get in a few minutes at a time.

When you were seven weeks old, we took your first trip to Samish Island for the long Memorial Day weekend. The Cook family joined us, and we stayed at the cabin your great-great grandpa bought in the early 1900s. Daddy is just dying to take you on a boat ride, but we're going to wait until you're a little older and it's more safe for you to be on the water. We took a long walk on the beach with you in a carrier on daddy's chest and you were so peaceful and happy. The beach is a very special place for our family and I know you're going to grow to love it there.

Each night, I pray that you remain as happy throughout your entire life as you seem to be now. You really are a delightful little guy to be around, and I look forward to each day I am blessed to spend with you.



Missy said...

Great letter to your baby boy, Hillary! He is going to love these when he's a 6'4" Swede looking down on you. Lol! About tummy time, try propping him up on the boppy. J liked that a lot.

Jen said...

You guys are such great parents! This post made me smile and I can't wait to see Lucas again! :-)

Emily said...

Future Lucas is going to love reading these letters. I'm so happy you guys have such a wonderful baby and he's doing so well. And it doesn't hurt one bit that he's so cute. Seriously one of the cutest babies ever!