Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy One Month, Lucas!

My Sweet Lucas,

You are one month old today. The past four weeks have been the most overwhelming, difficult, emotional and yet amazing and best of my life. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I am so proud and excited to celebrate being your mommy. You are everything your daddy and I could ever have hoped, dreamed and prayed for -- our baby boy.
You came into this world slowly. Very slowly. You were born two weeks past your due date, and yet still managed to take an entire 42 hours to make your entrance after my first contraction. Your head was lodged sideways in my pelvis and a vacuum was required to realign your body and help you descend. It wasn’t the most comfortable experience of my life and caused me some physical trauma. I’ve spent a lot of the past month recovering from your birth, but my body has bounced back incredibly well and you absolutely are worth every stitch, ache and pain.

Your birth wasn’t a very comfortable experience for you, either. “This baby has a very bad headache and you need to be incredibly gentle with his head,” our nurse said as she laid you on my chest.

You had quite the hematoma and lopsided conehead from being stuck for so many hours. Your skull resumed a normal shape after about a day, but your big bruise did cause a bit of jaundice. Thankfully, you were able to resolve this on your own by chowing down on supplemental formula and pooping a lot, and didn’t need any light therapy. Your jaundice made you very sleepy. To this day, you’re still zonking out for a good 18 or so hours out of each day. You wake up just long enough to eat, get your diaper changed, look around for about 15 minutes and then start fussing before going back to sleep.

You like to eat. You really like to eat. At birth, you weighed seven pounds, six ounces. When we were discharged from the hospital, you were two days old and had dropped to seven pounds, .05 ounces (normal weight loss for a newborn). At four days old, you weighed seven pounds, 1.5 ounces; and at one week, you weighed seven pounds, 2.5 ounces. Your doctor was concerned that you only had gained one ounce in three days at your first checkup, so she told me to nurse you every two and a half hours for the next week. She wanted you to gain at least seven more ounces by the time you were two weeks old.

Well, Piglet, you did us proud. We both got major kudos at your two week weigh-in. You definitely met your seven-ounce goal … and then some. You gained 18.5 ounces in one week!! We also visited with a lactation consultant who weighed you before and after a feeding. She expected you to eat about 60 ccs – you took down 108! Your appetite amazes and exhausts me, but I know the days of you waking me for milk at 3 a.m. are fleeting, and I’m trying to enjoy every minute with you while you’re still my itty bitty baby. Even the ones that involve you screaming in my ear.

The way your daddy looks at you makes my heart melt. He takes such good care of our family and we’re very lucky that he’s ours. There have been times during the past month where he’s had to soothe both of us while we simultaneously cried. I’m not sure where his patience and grace comes from, but it seems to be bottomless. My love for him grows each day, and I’m pretty sure that yours does, too. Your favorite place to snuggle is on his chest, and you’ve saved the few little grins you’ve flashed almost exclusively for him.

Before you were born, I always thought I would speak to you like an adult and avoid the baby talk. Something happened to me when you were born, though, and I started saying things like, “Oh, Buster Boo, do you need a new dipe-dipe?” And I never thought I was much for nicknames, but I find myself calling you “Lovey,” “Mister Man,” “Buster Boo-Hoo (when you’re crying),” “Boo Bird,” “Piglet,” and “Poopy Pooperson,” among others. Not to mention the other goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ness that my newly-minted mama mouth uncontrollably utters. Your infinite cuteness apparently has a major influence on my language center.

You’ve already shown me how to love in a way that I never knew was in me. My hopes and dreams for you can’t be put into words, baby boy. My cup runneth over and I’m so glad you’re here.

I love you,