Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hiccups, Heartburn, and Huge Bellies

My sweet little boy,

You are due to make your arrival in seven short weeks. I’m not quite sure where these past 33 weeks went, but I seem to have blinked and ended up very, very pregnant.
I only can dream that you will be as easy a baby on the outside as you have been on the inside. I am slowing down a little and feeling pretty tired these days, but it would be odd if I weren’t. Other than some intense heartburn, you have caused me absolutely no problems. I think you may be a “trick” first baby, though. You have convinced me that pregnancy is a cinch, but I suspect that when I go to have a brother or sister for you, I probably will be barfing up everything but the baby!

I took the “glucose challenge” a few weeks ago and only passed it by one point. The doctor said that I may be a little more sensitive to sugar than others during pregnancy, and that I should watch my carbs so you don’t get too chunky. So, for your benefit and mine, I have eliminated most sweets from our diet. I don’t think it will be very fun for either of us if you weigh 10 pounds when you’re born. Cutting down the carbs hasn’t been that bad, but you’ve kicked me extra hard a few times in what I’m pretty sure have been attempts to get some ice cream. As a special treat, I did let you have a cupcake at our baby shower, since it was such a special day. Oh, and a couple other random pieces of cake ... Hey, I said most sweets.

Our friend Kim. She loves you a lot!
Our friend, Kim, threw us an amazing party to celebrate your arrival. We were showered with fantastic gifts and surrounded by the love of our friends and family. It really was special and you’re certainly going to be one well-dressed kiddo!

We also received a huge surprise — an alphabet wall for your nursery. This was something I really, really wanted to do when I first found out you were going to join our family, but I got a little overwhelmed by the size of the project and decided to go another route with the decorating. Thankfully, we have the most amazing friends and family in the entire world and they surprised us with a set of letters for your wall. I was beyond touched and can't wait to get them all in place. Each letter is unique and was made with love, which makes them even more special.
Me and your grandmas.
What a surprise!
We also had an ultrasound last week to make sure you’re in “dive position” (good job — you’re all lined up to make a perfect entrance) and that you don’t look too big. They’re currently estimating your birth weight at 8.5 pounds and everything checked out just fine. We’re ticking along like clockwork. You were sucking your thumb while we looked at you and it just melted my heart. You also get hiccups several times a day, which feel so funny in my belly. They're remarkably similar to an eye twitch, but in my belly button. They almost tickle, and they always make me giggle a little. It makes me happy to know you’re working so hard on getting those lungs developed. Just please don’t use them too much for screaming once you get here. Pretty, pretty, please.

Daddy says the day you’re born is going to be like Christmas morning times 100, and I’m sure he’s right. We love you so much and can’t wait for you to get here!



Bridgett said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Take care! I can't wait to hear all about baby when he gets here.

Heather said...

Ahhh...this is so sweet! I cried! Must be those pregnancy hormones I have running through me! lol. Congrats and can't wait to see pics when he arrives!

Jenny said...

Awe... such a sweet, little mommy! Can't wait for that little man to get here!

Missy said...

The alphabet wall is so awesome, I can't wait to see it up! And I can't wait to meet Baby O! It went so fast, I'm so excited for your Christmas x 100 morning. :)

Emily said...

I love Morgan's comment: Christmas morning times 100 - he couldn't express it better. We're all so excited to meet Baby O!

The Nielsens said...

I am so excited for you guys!

Enjoy all those kicks and hickups - they are almost over. =< If your little guy is like our two boys, the hicups will continue long after they are born. Our daughter wasn't affected as much, but the boys got them several times a day while they were in my tummy, and after they would get them at the drop of a hat!