Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby Boy O.

My Baby Boy,

So it's obvious from the title of this post, but your daddy and I found out that you're a boy! We also learned that you look perfectly healthy and are growing big and strong in my belly. The doctor estimates you'll weight 8.25 pounds when you're born.

Seeing your face for the first time was an amazing experience. You're a little claymation-ish in the photos, but I still think you look like the sweetest little baby I've ever seen.
Your heart and body also look fit as can be, which is fantastic news. Dr. Case's previous patients had a baby with severe congenital heart defects -- he reminded us that not all parents are blessed with a son as a healthy as you. Hearing that story brought tears to my eyes and I continue to feel overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude whenever I think about how smoothly my pregnancy is going and how perfect you look in there.

Daddy and I are working on a name for you, but we're not going to tell anyone what we choose until you're born. We don't want any funny looks or opinions about your name until it's official and there's no turning back! We promise not to pick anything too weird, or too common, though. And we'll spell whatever we choose conventionally, too. We want you to focus on the more important things in life, instead of spending time correcting people, " ... and that's with a 'qz,' not an 's.'"

You're getting a lot more active these days, kicking me and rolling around after almost every meal. And then you take a nap for a few hours before waking up again. I really love feeling you move around -- it's always the highlight of my day. Daddy felt you kick from the outside last weekend, too, and he was SO excited. I also tried to get you to kick for Grandpa Omdal after Thanksgiving dinner, but you weren't interested. I think you need to grow a little bigger before you start "dancing on command."

And speaking of growing bigger, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm 23 weeks pregnant now, and have gained 17 pounds. Four of those were in the past two weeks, too! (You really like holiday food, but I think I'm going to have to cut back and stop spoiling you with so much chocolate and pie.) I'm doing my best to feed you a lot of fruits and vegetables, too.

Dr. Case recommended the book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives, by Annie Murphy Paul. I read an article she wrote in Time Magazine a couple months ago and have specifically tried to make sure you get plenty of cruciferous vegetables while you're in there to help protect you from cancer. I love you so much, babe, and am trying to make the best decisions as possible for you from the very beginning.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed thinking of what we're going to go through in life together. When I start thinking too much about the hard times we may face as you grow, I try to take a step back and just live in the moment. Eating broccoli and cabbage seem like one of the easier choices I'll ever have to make. Focusing on the simple things and taking it one day at a time help calm me down and remember the joy we'll have together.

I can't wait to meet you.



Emily said...

We're thrilled he's a boy and, more importantly, happy to hear he's healthy and that you're doing your part feeding him lots of veggies and chocolate (according to the book, that's good too!). I'm hoping for a little kicking action when we go Christmas Tree hunting!

Christine said...

So sweet! Enjoy every single moment of your pregnancy! :)

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Missy said...

Again, overjoyed about your little boy! You and Morgan are going to be such great parents.

Jenny said...

So exciting! Congratulations!