Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20-Week Update

Dear Baby O,

You’ve been growing for 20 weeks now, and over the past couple weeks people have started to notice that you’re in there. Someone stopped me on the street last Friday and asked how far along I was — I excitedly shared that my pregnancy was halfway over. I’m just so excited to meet you, I can hardly stand the thought of waiting until March.

At the same time, part of me is terrified that you will arrive early. I want you to stay in there as long as possible to grow strong and healthy. If you’re anything like me or your dad, though, you’ll probably be a little bit late. That’s a habit we’re going to try our best not to teach you.

You’ve grown a lot in the past month and I started to feel you move. We were 18 weeks into this journey when I was sitting at my desk and felt a little twitch in my tummy. I wasn’t sure it was you, but then I felt it a few more times. And then a little bit more each day after that.

You really start bouncing around when I eat sugar. I’ve probably fed you too much sugar lately since there’s been a lot of Halloween candy floating around, but it’s so fun to feel you move that I have a hard time resisting. It also was a huge relief to feel you move. My tummy didn’t seem to be growing much for a few weeks and I had only gained one pound the previous month, so I was a little bit nervous that you weren’t in there anymore (as silly as I know that sounds). I love it so much when you remind me of your presence with a little nudge. It always puts a big smile on my face and fills my heart in a way I haven’t known before.

Your daddy can’t feel you from the outside yet, but he sure talks to you a lot and really is excited for the day he’ll be able to put his hand on my tummy and feel you move, too. He already loves you more than I’ve seen him love anything.

You’ve been so good to me, little one. So far, I’ve had a really healthy pregnancy with hardly any side effects. There have been a few bouts with heartburn, but nothing unbearable. And maybe that just means you’ll be born with a beautiful head of hair — or so I’ve been told. I’m also very tired by the time 8 p.m. rolls around each evening, but I expected that would be the case and again, it also is manageable. Other than that, I still just feel like me. It's definitely a relief, since I'm working full time and can't really afford the time to be sick. So thanks for that!

Pink or Blue
In three days, we’re going to see Dr. Case, a radiologist, who is going to check you out for our mid-point ultrasound. He’s going to tell us if you’re a boy or a girl and make sure you’re healthy. I sure hope you’re OK and that the next 20 weeks go as well as the first. I pray every night for God to bring you into this world smoothly and safely.

Your daddy and I dressed up as characters from the movie Ghostbusters this Halloween. Since I’m supposed to be “puffy” already with you in there, I fully embraced the theme and went as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. There were a lot of other kiddos who visited us in their costumes, too, which made us really excited to dress you up next year.

There are so many things I can’t wait to do with you. It’s going to be great.



Christine said...

Awww...LOVE this post! Makes me want to have another baby (but don't tell Todd)! So excited for you & Morgan!! :)

Missy said...

Baby O is lucky to have you and Morgan as parents. The love will just get stronger. Wonderful letter!

Bridgett said...

How exciting! Baby O sounds like they are going to be well loved from day 1. Looking forward to hearing more about baby...and your pregnancy!

Jenny said...

It's funny- people always say the same things when you are pregnant and about to have a baby. "You're life will be forever changed!" Yet, cliches are cliches because they are so true. You will be an amazing mom. Kids are a trip! I can't wait to hear what the flavor is on Friday!

jen said...

I love your sweet letter! You guys are going to be wonderful parents to that little cutie! I can't wait to hear the news tomorrow!

Emily said...

What a sweet letter - I'm so proud of all you moms who blog, it's going to be so much fun for future baby O to go back and read through these posts! Curtis and I are so excited about the good health report and flavor of Baby O!

Anonymous said...

Hillary, My grandson is truly going to be blessed to have you and Morgan for parents...You guys are the best and I love you both.