Monday, October 18, 2010

Tardy for the Summer Party

I cleaned off my camera this weekend and found some pictures from the past few months I thought I'd share, even though we're already well into fall.
We didn’t have much of a summer in Seattle, but Morgan and I still found time to play in the yard. Check out the deck he designed and built all by himself. He’s so handy — boy, did I luck out! He started this project last winter so it would be done in time for spring and summer. We wish we would have had the opportunity to use it more frequently, but thanks to Mother Nature, we spent a lot of time staring at it longingly through the rain-spattered windows of our living room. We did have a few nice days, but not nearly enough. There’s always next year … and we'll have another family member to join us then, too!
We tried our hands at square-foot gardening. This was an interesting experiment. Interesting is code for “not terribly successful.” We learned a lot, though, and are more prepared for future seasons. Biggest lesson: homemade compost sucks and should be avoided at all costs when you live somewhere that doesn’t typically get warm enough to kill seeds in the bin. I know gardens require weeding, but our situation was beyond ridiculous, since we essentially re-planted all the weeds we had pulled during the past two years. Next year, we’re bringing in clean soil from Garden World. (We’ll see how ambitious I actually am once the baby arrives in the spring.)
Second, you’re supposed to thin carrots for a reason. We definitely pulled some interesting configurations from the ground.
And third, here’s what happens when you stick a sprouting Walla Wall sweet onion into the ground after it sits on your counter a bit too long … beautiful flowers!
We spent a week at the Samish Island cabin in mid-September and came home with some good eats! Lots of crab and salmon in the freezer for the winter. Morgan tried his hand at smoking some of the fish he caught and was much more successful than our first attempt last year, when we ended up with salt pucks. This year's batch was absolutely delicious! 
On the pregnancy front, everything is going very well. All the tests we've had have come back with fantastic results and it seems that there's a healthy little baby kicking away in there (although I can't feel it yet). I feel totally normal, aside from the thickening waistline. It’s kind of weird — I really expected more things to be “different.” I’m sure that will come with time, since I’m only 17 weeks along.

We have a terrific OB, who was referred to us by our friends Missy and Kelly. At our last appointment, he asked if I was interested in natural birth and when I said no (absolutely nothing against it; it’s just not for me), he explained his philosophy of giving an epidural at anytime during labor — that there never is an “it’s too late” time with his patients, and that he “wouldn’t make me bite down on a stick like a pioneer woman.” Then he mentioned how his wife would kill him if she heard him say that, since she’s a natural birth coach. Ha!