Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New study: Cold weather slows human aging

And by new, I mean “I just made it up.”

It’s still cold here. This week we’re running about 10 degrees below average. The flowers aren’t as far along as they should be. Thankfully, I am fairly certain that cold weather slows human aging, too. This is very good news, considering the plan is for me to turn 30 in nine days. But since it snowed this morning, that can be put off a little longer.

I’m not quite ready to give up this decade (or trade in my Clearasil for anti-aging potions). I thought I had prepared myself. My plan was to gracefully embrace 30. To wear it proudly and begin commanding the respect I deserve for entering into full-fledged adultdom.

“30 is the new awesome, 30 is the new awesome …” I repeated it until I [thought] I truly believed it. But then, last week, something awful happened. I remembered my 15th birthday. The 15th birthday that seems so recent in my mind. I had an outrageous realization — I will be twice as old as I was on that birthday. And since time is moving much faster now than it did in ninth grade, I’ll be close to 45 years old before this year's candles are even extinguished.

So for once, I’m thankful for snow in April. Because it’s going to keep both the flowers and me young for a little longer.


jenny said...

Hillary- 30 is the new awesome and the snow and cold weather will soon disappear. If all else fails- shake yourself up a tropical cocktail, put on a summery outfit, turn up the heat and toast to a new decade of new adventures. Seriously- would you ever want to be 20 again???



Missy said...

Tulips and snow, really? I love this post! Do they make anti-aging Clearasil? ;-)

Emily said...

What a positive way to look at snow in April! I hope it really is slowing down my aging! Looking forward to you being 30 and fabulous!

Katie said...

You must have the best camera ever! It takes amazing pictures! I think the photographer might have something to do with that too though ;-)