Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ya sure, ya betcha

We spent this past weekend helping Morgan’s mom with the Scandinavian Heritage Festival at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. She’s the main event organizer and Morgan is in charge of sound for the performances — mainly Scandinavian folk musicians and dance troops from around the Northwest. I sold raffle tickets and backed-up Peter (Morgan’s younger brother) and his fiancé Emily at the beverage stand. The event is held in conjunction with Oktoberfest Northwest, which takes place in the adjacent hall. Eating festival food all weekend can leave a little to be desired in the health realm, but who can resist unlimited Swedish meatballs and Danish pancake balls a la the fabulous Scandinavian Café of Camas, Wash.?! Certainly not me. On Sunday, we took a break and ventured over to Oktoberfest for lunch. I had some weiner schnitzel, spätzle (small German dumplings — some people refer to them as noodles, but I think dumplings is a more accurate description) and Paulaner Weizen.

I adore spätzle and am thrilled each time I see it on a menu, which isn’t very often. I must note, however, that this particular spätzle left a great deal to be desired. In fact, it was borderline inedible, closely resembling a homemade glue mixture of flour and water, boiled into a mushy mess. The Tyler Florence recipe I’m linking to above is what I make at home and it’s incredible. I’m going to make some this week to compensate for the disappointment. Plus, I’m in fall-induced comfort-food mode and spätzle fits the bill quite nicely.


Missy said...

Camas?! How did I not know about this? I'm going to do some research next time I go home. Those meatballs look so gooood.

Emily said...

We had spätzle the other night too, along with butternut squash... I was majorly in need of a fall food fix!

Brian Lounsberry said...

Looks like the conned you into going, huh? :)

I hope it was mon fre!