Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remember to vote, Tuesday, Nov. 4

As if you haven't been badgered enough already ... Too bad. It's really important; especially right now. So here's one more plea / reminder.

Please vote. Voting is your right, responsibility and obligation as an American. So make sure to cast your ballot on (or before if you vote absentee) Tuesday, Nov. 4. Questions about your voter registration status, poll site, or ballot? Washington state voters can visit the State’s general election site. For residents of states other than Washington, please visit for answers to questions about your state’s voting process.

P.S. I’m not overtly endorsing anyone here, as this is an equal-party blog, but I do plan on limiting my diet to blue-only foods this Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for this election. More energized than ever before. I plan on voting and having some sort of election party to enjoy the night!
Melissa Shattuck

Hillary said...

Melissa! So good to hear from you. :-) I am very excited about Tuesday, too. I seriously get butterflies when I think about it!

jenny said...

you are so funny! let's just put it out there- OBAMA '08 Baby!

Missy said...

So...blueberries, blue otterpops, what else? At least I have red pasta sauce in my favor, haha! You made a lovely Palin Saturday night; I'll send pics.

Emily said...

Done and Done! The Donkeys at my house voted for the good guys.