Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One shoe at a time ...

I was going to share a new recipe with you today, but it’s a possible contender for our entry in an upcoming beer and appetizer pairing contest and I don’t want the competition stealing my secrets. So for that, you’ll have to wait and instead settle for a little anecdote about yesterday's oh-so-ridiculous morning.

For the past several weeks, each buzz of the alarm clock brings with it a noticeably colder and darker awakening. Yesterday was the worst yet. I was super sleepy, the house was chilly and the last thing I wanted to do was get ready for work. So I trudged through my routine, dragged myself to the vanpool after scraping *ice!* off my windshield, plugged in my headphones and started to fall into my commute-induced coma when I noticed something was off. Or on, rather. As in, I put on two different boots and left the house without noticing.
Even a year ago, I probably would have freaked out and nearly died of embarrassment on the spot. I can tell I’m getting older and relaxing a bit, though, because I got a good laugh out of it. And a nice reason to scurry to the mall and pick-up the new pair of Söffts
I had been eyeing.

I would also like to point out to my husband that the new shoes were a necessary purchase, as appearing completely catawampus during my afternoon meetings was an unacceptable option (on second thought, maybe I’m not quite as mature as previously mentioned).

I was also going to justify the purchase by claiming the shoes as Scandinavian (he's Swedish). Well, they certainly sound Scandinavian, don't they? Turns out they're just plain American, i.e., the company is Boston-based and my shoes were made in China. Dang!


jenny said...

How funny! Oh well, at least you scored some new shoes!!

Emily said...

Very cute shoes! You don't have to worry about giving out your app recipes ... Team Adamson is going to take you down!

Missy said...

Is it weird that I often come back to your blog just to look at that chocolate cake again? Nice shoes lady!

jenny said...

ok, so funny thing- i was at starbucks the other morning and looked down - i realized i was wearing two completely different shoes- one black and one brown!! i immediately thought of this blog post of yours and started laughing. the guy behind me in line looked at me sort of funny, so i told him that i just realized i was wearing two different shoes!! he started laughing too and told me that i made his morning!