Friday, August 29, 2008

Name that white flower

The first summer at our house is winding to a close (long, depressing sigh). Throughout the past few months, each time I wander into our yard, a new plant or flower seems to have sprouted. We’ve been continually blessed by the garden fairy. Although, this also leads me to believe we did something very, very bad to deserve the mole infestation.
Back in March, some friends (who have a yard that rivals the Hanging Gardens of Babylon) told us to be careful about digging and cutting things back, and to wait and see what might appear. This was very sound, yet slightly ill-timed advice. The “President’s Day Massacre” had already occurred, resulting in mid-century military haircuts for three prominently placed grass/palm-looking bushes. And yes, “grass/palm-looking bushes” is as accurately as they can be described using my horticulturally-challenged vernacular. Also completely destroyed were some Grape Hyacinth (identified post-mortem) that I mistook for rogue blades of grass.

Minimal damage all-in-all, considering the plans I had for what turned out to be my very favorite flowers — featured in the photos. The leaves looked so pointy and menacing sans blooms; I was sure we were facing an invasive weed. Thankfully I left them alone because my arms got tired. That, and because pruning isn’t really very fun.
My goal for next year is to confidently name and describe plants to visitors, and prevent conversations such as this:

Friend: “Those are really pretty.”
Me: “Thanks, we really like them, too.”
Friend: “They smell good. What are they called?”
Me: “Um, white flowers, I think.”

Perhaps you can help me. Name that white flower!


Missy said...

I'm pretty sure these are the flowers they replicate on wedding cakes. You know, the white sugar flowers? Yes, I'm certain they are called wedding cake white sugar flowers. Very pretty...glad you didn't whack 'em.

Barbie said...

Bryan says it looks like white garden phlox...