Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flush valves and flappers

I generally don’t take pleasure in others’ misfortune. That is, unless you’re the lady at the independent shipping store who yelled at me for asking to use the packing tape without “offering” her $.75. If you're reading this, Elphaba, I will not be sad if you wander into oncoming traffic. Or if you’re the bank customer who, while I was working as a teller in college, demanded I smile at you. A little misfortune sprinkled in your direction would be OK, too.

At any rate, when bad things happen to other people, I usually feel guilty for simply having thoughts like, “Thank God that didn’t happen to me.” Then I go through the process of convincing myself that these types of thoughts will send me straight to Hell and that I have probably cursed myself into similar circumstances for said feelings.

Can you tell I’m Catholic??

All of this leads me to this weekend’s “adventure in domesticity” or rather, “misadventure in domesticity” at the home of some friends (who shall remain nameless) near Portland, Ore. And yes, I admit to having a “Thank God this isn't happening to me” moment. They lost water pressure to their toilet in the middle of a large party and several guests, including me, were relegated to using bushes and shrubs around their newly renovated and very well-manicured backyard.

So for the penance of the "happy my toilet works" thoughts, I rolled up my sleeves and tried to help fix the problem. (Thanks, dad, for the crash plumbing course.) Unfortunately, the issue lay with the pipes and the only quick-fix was a hose through the window.

At least I got to show off my knowledge of flush valves and flappers. Something I don't get to do very often.

And I can't help but post a photo of the note hung on the wall, too, since I'm a girl and the one who originally suggested our makeshift solution. It puts a grin on my face that makes my cheeks ache. Don't worry, no one had to come running to rescue me.


missy said...

Good times at the luau! Why did I drink all that Kava?? I found a nice, private spot behind the shed to do my business. "Oh my sister!"

Mom said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Hope you all drank enough not to notice the bodies in the bushes.

Emily said...

LOL! I guess I'm glad, business wise, I skipped the Portland trip and was able to use the Sac outhouse all weekend. Who knew it was such a luxury?

jenny said...

No offense, but that sounds nasty! I hope people were polite and kept things, shall we say liquid? Other than that- looks like a fun party!