Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Dinners, the Suburban Solution

I’ve been going to Dream Dinners (DD) once a month since May. Next week will by my third trip. DD is a meal-prep business, usually based in a strip mall (you know you're a suburbanite when ... ) where you can go and assemble meals, store them in freezer bags and take them home to enjoy all month long.

I’ve been impressed with the quality of meats and produce; and level of sanitation (very important in my book). Everything is very fresh, the kitchens are hygienic and sometimes they feed you dessert and give you a chair massage. Indeed, this is hard work!

The “meals” usually consist of just the main course, i.e., meat and a fancy sauce or marinade, but sometimes a side dish is included, too. When the dish is straight-up meat, like tonight’s savory grilled porkchops, I usually steam or sautee some veggies and make either rice or potatoes to go alongside.
Initially, I was incredibly skeptical of the concept. We tried some killer enchiladas at a dinner party, though, and I was sold. I still love to cook, but on week nights when we’re pressed for time and have other activities, these meals are a lifesaver. And grilled citrus salmon is so much healthier than a corndog or bowl of Lucky Charms (sadly these things can be found in our house and are the usual busy-night substitutes).

DD is economical, too. My bill for next week (which I prepaid online) came to $135 for 12, three-serving meals. Sure, I could knock-out 36 servings of boneless skinless chicken breasts in a simple marinade for that cost, but I would rather see a medley of meats and produce grace our table. Yummy in my tummy.


Emily said...

Looks good. Sounds good. But I'm still not 100% convinced. The only solution is to have me over and feed me a dream dinner. You can also give me a massage and feed me dessert!

Missy said...

Helloooo? McDonald's has been serving dream dinners for a long time! Fast dinners for busy people. Done.

Hillary said...

Dream Dinners won't kill you before you're 30. I'm sure of it.

Rebecca said...

Um, no offense, but do you have anything to talk about except food? Like maybe the best way to store dead rats in a freezer, or how to get a German Shepherd to hold still for eye drops? People love to read interesting things like that.